FWH Records Eshop Update 06/13 ( SEARCH BLOC, NO ZODIAC...)

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FWH Records Eshop Update 06/13 ( SEARCH BLOC, NO ZODIAC...)

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SOSF Worldwide Sampler feat 5/9 bands from USA, Japan, Germany, Finland and Spain. 25 tracks in total including CROWD DETERRENT, LIFELESS, TASTE THE STEEL, LIFE AFTER DEATH, RACE RIOT 59, IN BLOOD WE TRUST, REDUCTION, CREEPOUT, NUMB, DOMINATE, AMERICAN WEREWOLVES, COLD EXISTENCE, BRICKTOP, SUCKAPUNCH, COLD REIGN, etc. Special promo price! Label: SOSF Records (D)

ANTE UP (USA) "s/t" CDr 4eur
To promote the upcoming full-length on FWH, Detroit´s ANTE UP offered us to release their brandnew 7inch on PARTY FOUL Records (USA) in a strictly limited CDr format. For their debut output the band recorded two new songs and added two older demo tracks. The CDr version comes in a slimcase with booklet, CD label and is limited to 50 handnumbered copies only. This is brutal and violent streetwise Motorcity Hardcore along the lines of xTYRANTx, TASTE THE STEEL, COLD AS LIFE, SHATTERED REALM and BULLDOZE. Label: FILLED WITH HATE Distribution (D)

CAST IRON JAW (UK) "Bound by ignorance" CD 10eur
What to expect from a new upcoming UKHC band? Yes, aggressive, hard hitting, pissed off Hardcore with heavy breakdowns packed in a total rough sound. 10 brutal tracks featuring guest vocal apperance by Peachey SIX FT. DITCH and Owen NO SECOND CHANCE. This is another awesome record for all lovers of the raw UKHC sound consist of bands like KNUCKLEDUST, BUN DEM OUT, NO SECOND CHANCE, PROWLER and KARTEL. Label: BAD ASS Records (B)

CLENCHED FIST (USA) "Guns´n roaches" US-CDEP 6eur
Finally the one and only CLENCHED FIST hailing from Tennessee are back on track with 5 new songs including a cover-version from CAUSE FOR ALARM´s "Lies". Totally angry and pissed off Memphis Style Hardcore the old traditional way. A neckbreaking mix of SHEER TERROR, MADBALL, COLD AS LIFE and DEATH THREAT. Again the band released this record totally DIY like their previous full-length "Just like roaches" and pressed exclusively 100 physical CD copies for FWH Records. Label: DIY

This is the newest offering from EYS and this time around it’s with dual-vocals assault, sure to provide the aggressiveness and brutality that Scandinavian Hardcore is known for. The music is metallic HC but it’s definitely not Metalcore, there’s still lots of 2-step mosh parts and lots of brutal Hardcore shredding by the guitar. This Hardcore made by Hardcore supporters for the Hardcore kids. Label: SCHIZOPHRENIC Inc. (DK)

HAMMERFIST (USA) "Isolation" US-MCD 10eur
This is the third Mini-CD release from California´s one and only HAMMERFIST who continue to bludgeon ears with a heavy, pissed off and slightly metallic brand of Hardcore in the same style as TERROR, BURIED ALIVE, early HATEBREED, early SWORN ENEMY and SHATTERED REALM. Five tracks strong and each one hits hard with focus and intensity. Label: GHOSTTOWN Records (USA)

NO SECOND THOUGHT (Fin) "Against the odds" LP/CD 12eur
Selfproduced debut LP/CD by Scandinavian SOSF Crew 5/9 outfit NO SECOND THOUGHT. This five piece is coming from Beartown, Finland and is focus on growing beards and and heavy Hardcore with a Metal touch. They combine the best of metallic Tuff Guy Hardcore a ALL OUT WAR and SWORN ENEMY with traditional Finnish Hardcore a la BOLT, ST. HOOD and RATFACE. This is their heavy duty LP and it comes with a bonus CD of the album inside. Label: DIY

NO ZODIAC (USA) "Population controlled" US-CD 11eur
The longawaited debut by Chicago´s NO ZODIAC. NO ZODIAC play a very heavy and negative style of Straight Edge Hardcore that's jam packed with breakdowns, metallic riffs and snarl. For all fans of RINGWORM, xTYRANTx, XIBALBA and HARM´S WAY. Pure heavily Death Metal influenced aggressive Hardcore. Label: xSEVENTH DAGGERx Records (USA)

RIVALS (D) "Family business" CDEP 4eur
Since about two decades the Ruhrpott area is the melting pot of German and even European Hardcore, bringing always new promising and mostly hard and heavy bands to the front. RIVALS is the latest new output featuring longtime active RPHC DRM guys from bands like BROTHERS IN CRIME and EMBRACED BY HATRED. But unlike their previous projects, RIVALS play a bastard of Old Style NYHC with a huge touch of metallic mid-90´s Albany Troycore. Expect 4 songs strongly influenced by classic names such as MADBALL, DEATH THREAT, STIGMATA, DYING BREED with vocals sounding a lot like the first CARNIVORE record. Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D)

SEARCH BLOC (USA) "Live by the code" US-7inch 6eur
SEARCH BLOC come out of Cleveland, OH bringing heavy, pissed-off Straight Edge Hardcore delivered with the same style as INTEGRITY, IN COLD BLOOD, CONFRONT and ONE LIFE CREW, and may be summed up by the title of the last track on the record, "Drug addicts are disgusting". Coloured vinyl. Label: xSEVENTH DAGGERx Records (USA)

STRENGTH FOR A REASON (USA) "Through cold eyes" US-CD 10eur
Pennsylvania Hardcore kings STRENGTH FOR A REASON return triumphantly with their first new studio recording since 2009. Like rabid wolves, the band ignites the release with the opening track "Worth the fight" solidifying that the past few years of outright corruption in the country has left no one in the middle class untouched, SFAR brings a voice to the anger we all feel. The true Hardcore message is once again brought through by this legendary band that feels more current and important than ever. Label: FAST BREAK Records (USA)

v/a UNITE FOR RELIEF "Japan Benefit" Do-CD 12eur
Great compilation worked out by killer bands, labels and organizations donating their time, money, services and music to help Hardcore kids and others in Japan. Feat. 35 bands in two discs MADBALL, TERROR, WISDOM IN CHAINS, NO TURNING BACK, BORN FROM PAIN, CRUEL HAND, DARKSIDE NYC, CREEPOUT, EMBRACED BY HATRED, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, NASTY, DOGGY HOODS, FOR THE GLORY, SAND, LOOK MY WAY, BET THE DEVIL, SICKER THAN MOST, STATE OF MIND, NUMB, BALBOA, NO SECOND CHANCE, NEXT STEP UP and many others. Full profit goes to several relief projects in Japan. Hardcore Worldwide! Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D)

WISDOM IN CHAINS (USA) "Class war / Die young" US-Do-CD 12eur
WISDOM IN CHAINS´ two previoius releases on EULOGY Records are now out of print, but they have decided to package them together as a Double-CD. Both of these releases are in high demand and are now available together. For fans of TERROR, MADBALL and SICK OF IT ALL. Label: EULOGY Records (USA)

xTYRANTx (USA) "Exctinction" Pic-7inch
xTYRANTx is back with their most solid release to date and for the first time their songs are available on plastic wax, in this case on a thick picture-vinyl with great artwork done by Rafal Wechterowicz (also SLAYER, METALLICA, PANTERA, DRAGONFORCE, etc.). The EP contains six new heavy as balls Hardcore tracks, still totally angry and sincere with pissed off "Fuck You!" lyrics. The band is playing what they really love to do, giving a shit on current trends and labels. This is fearsome Detroit Straight Edge Hardcore along the lines of COLD AS LIFE, SHATTERED REALM, FIRST BLOOD and xDISCIPLEx. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide. Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D)



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