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TZN XENNA "Czart PRL-u" LP /pre-order/

Beitrag von refuseXrecords » 28.10.2013, 18:24

Refuse Records new release:


"Czart PRLu" is the first full length released in the history of TZN XENNA! The album includes seven new songs, whose lyrics refer to the current political and social situation in Poland. The eponymous "Daemon of the PRL" (PRL or People’s Republic of Poland being the official name of the country in times of the communist regime) aims to refute the illusions which the past regime planted in the society once and for all. Although the system has changed, mechanisms remain the same.
Apart from the brand new songs, this release also contains songs from the years 1981 to 1983 that was never been recorded in a proper studio before. Known only from their live or semi-studio versions. All the songs were recorded in Mamoot Studio by Michał “Pcheła” Piastowicz. Smok and Mario from the Studio As One were responsible for the mix and mastering.
The limited edition of the album additionally includes a DVD recording the band’s first performance at the Jarocin Festival in 2012. TZN XENNA did not take part in the Jarocin festival in the years 1981 to 1987 and their later editions.
It's a co-release between Refuse Records and Tzn Annex Records.
Promo mix:


Track list:

Strona A:
2.Chcę to zobaczyć
3.Black dog
4.Dzicy ludzie
5.Polskie radio
7.Aj dont

Strona B:
8.Dr. Zbrodnia
9.To jest ten człowiek
12.Chaos i wojna
13.Czart PRLu

Pressing info:
30 copies test press, different cover (not for sale)
100 copies, white vinyl + additional DVD "Live in jarocin 2012" (14 EUR + shipping)
400 copies, red vinyl (11zł + shipping)

Release date: 6.12.


Also available:

REFUSE 081 TZN XENNA "Ścierwo" 7"EP (2nd press)
2nd press of TZN XENNA "Ścierwo" 7" is out:
Pressing info:
2nd press:
20 copies, black vinyl, different cover - "Refuse 20th year anniversary" edition (sold out)
400 copies, black vinyl (4,50 EUR + shipping)
Some copies left from the 1st press:
200 copies, clear vinyl, additional cover (7 EUR + shipping)
330 copies, red vinyl (5 EUR + shipping)
TZN XENNA "1981-2011" 7"EP (Refuse/Tzn Annex) 4,50 EUR
TZN XENNA "Ciemny pokój" CD (Noise Annoys) 7.00 EUR


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