131121 FWH Distro Update (E-TOWN CDEP, xVICIOUSx....)

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131121 FWH Distro Update (E-TOWN CDEP, xVICIOUSx....)

Beitrag von Axel_FWH » 21.11.2013, 13:00

Find below the newest arrivals in the FWH Eshop.

Every order will get a 10-song BEFORE I WAINGS CDr for free.


ALPHA & OMEGA (USA) "Life swallower" CD 10eur
Los Angeles, CA's ALPHA & OMEGA was formed in 2007 by a group of friends who shared a mutual admiration of Hardcore and Metal such as CRO-MAGS, CROWBAR, ALL OUT WAR STIGMATA, INTEGRITY, LEEWAY and METALLICA. Their debut "Life swallower" spans 12 heavy, crunchy, groove-laden tracks packed with riffs, chugs and sing-alongs.
Label: REALITY Records (B)

DEEZ NUTS (AUS) "Bout it" Do-CD 12eur
Australia´s most notorious and successful Hardcore band is back with a new output. Comes in a limited edition double-CD version, consisting "The eary years" bonus disc with 10 classic hits incl. "Rep your hood", "Sex sells", "I hustle everyday" and many more. Their new record feat. many guest appearances like Freddy MADBALL, Hoya MADBALL, Lord Ezek aka Danny Diablo plus guys from ARCHITECTS and SUICIDE SILENCE.
Label: CENTURY MEDIA Records (D)

DISTRICT (9) "Schoolhardknox - Revisited" US-CD 10eur
Formed in the early 90´s in New York City, DISTRICT 9 embodied the streetwise attitude of NYHC for years, playing shows, and being featured in the NYHC documentary, with bands like MADBALL, 25 TA LIFE. CROWN OF THORNZ and NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE. This disc contains the highly sought-after 7inch EP as well as a few demo songs, a live track from their reunion show at CBGBs in 2006 and a whole live set recorded on WNYU radio.

E-TOWN CONCRETE (USA) "Heart of stone" US-CDEP 7eur
Finally the highly anticipated new EP by this long time NJ Hardcore Rap Crossover veterans. 8 years after their latest output "Made for war", E-TOWN CONCRETE return with 4 new songs in the style that we are used from them allthough, even more melodic then previous work. After some major releases with big distribution, the band returns back to the roots and released this EP completely DIY. Great release!
Label: DIY

EVERYBODY GETS HURT (USA) "It is what it is..." US-CD 10eur
NYC´s best kept secret is back with their most powerful and aggressive record so far. A great follow-up to their "The dark seeds of man" debut CD and again true to the point real deal IDS Crew Hardcore straight from the streets from Queens, NYC. For all fans of BILLYCLUB SANDWICH, GO! FUCK YOURSELF, IRATE and early SWORN ENEMY.

MALVOLENCE (UK) "Reign of suffering" CD 12eur
MALVOLENCE (UK) "Reign of suffering" LP 12eur
"Reign of suffering", the debut album from Sheffield’s MALEVOLENCE is viciously groove-laden, heavier than concrete and built for the pit. Influenced by the greats of PANTERA, CROWBAR, LIFE OF AGONY and INTEGRITY, MALEVOLENCE are the future of UK Crossover Metal uniting elements from Beatdown Hardcore over up-tempo thrashing elements and a bone-crushing heaviness even Death Metal fans should fall in love with immediately. Also available on limited golden vinyl.
Label: SIEGE OF AMIDA Records (UK)

REDEMPTION DENIED (NL/B) "Nothing remains" Mid-CD 8eur
4 brand new tracks plus the songs form their first 7inch compiled on one great CD. Benelux´ hardest, unleashing their own approach on their early HATEBREED, DEATH THREAT and NO WARNING style. This record is a real mix of "Satisfaction is the death of desire" and "Peace & security". A real exclamation mark of hardhitting European Hardcore.
Label: REALITY Records (B)

RELENTLESS (AUS) "Turn the curse" CD 10eur
Australia has long been one of the most underrated, yet prolific, Hardcore scenes in the world. Among the new wave of noteworthy bands emerging from the island continent is Sydney's RELENTLESS. "Turn the curse" is an album not to be missed, as it will undoubtedly set a new high point in Australian Hardcore.
Label: REALITY Records (B)

xVICIOUSx (B) "Values" MCD 7eur
Heavy and hardhitting H8000 Beatdown styled Hardcore with a clear message, wrapped with their unique humor, turning every place into a warzone. This is a band with "Values" and wearing the heart on the sleeve. Straight Edge XXX and deeply rooted in the H8000 area and strongly influenced by NJ/PAHC. For fans of SHATTERED REALM, TASTE THE STEEL, DOMESTIC WAR, PUNISHMENT, CLUBBER LANG and xTYRANTx.
Label: REALITY Records (B)


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