Bitterness Exhumed announces Desperate & Miserable EP

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Bitterness Exhumed announces Desperate & Miserable EP

Beitrag von Marcel DRA » 30.12.2013, 14:26

Bitterness Exhumed announces Desperate & Miserable EP coming soon!

Bitterness Exhumed are back with a brand new 12“ EP as a follow up to their 2013 release „A place of many ghosts“.
The 5 songs featured on this one-sided piece of plastic were recorded by Role at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg
(Alpinist, AYS, Black Shape Of Nexus, Omega Massif...) and are by far the fastest, shortest and best sounding
recordings BXE ever banned on wax.

With a screenprinted artwork on the records B-side, a huge A2 poster and a dismal, stunning artwork,
the whole packaging serves perfectly to the musical output.
The vinyl-only release is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Once the preorder starts in a few weeks, here is what you will get:

- 5 new songs
- a one-sided 12“ EP with screenprinted B-side
- transparent blue vinyl
- full coloured sleeve on coated paper
- black innersleeves
- an A2 poster

To cut a long story short: here`s the new song "Doomsayer" from the upcoming EP „Desperate & Miserable“
Spread it and let us know what you think!!!



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