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XXX Refuse Records presents XXX

_NYE HC SHOW vol.3!_

We're coming back after two years to organise New Year's Eve show. There is nothing better to do on this day so don't think twice and come to Berlin to celebrate and have fun while moshing, stage diving and singalong to this great bands!

**PRAISE (Baltimore, MD, USA / React! Records)**
Originally formed in 2009, Praise set out from the beginning to showcase their less aggressive side, pulling deeply from the roots of mid-'80s DC, while still providing a contemporary spin. The band teamed with REACT! Records to release a two 7"s, followed by their fantastic debut LP, "Lights Went Out" in 2014, before slowing down to tackle personal struggles and explore other musical endeavors. Now, with a slightly modified line-up, band is coming back to Europe to promote their new LP entitled "Leave It All Behind, with their unique brand of melodic hardcore.
https://reactrecords.bandcamp.com/album ... ll-behind/

**FURY (Orange County, CA, USA / Triple B Records)**
Fury has become a staple in the Southern California hardcore scene, playing locally and touring the country several times over, bringing their high-energy live show to the hardcore masses. Their releases on Triple-B records has been heralded as a rebirth of Southern California hardcore and has cemented its reputation as a modern classics in a short amount of time. The uncontrollable energy and chaotic atmosphere is captured so well that it's easy to see why Fury has become a household name in hardcore today.

**INSIST (Manchester, UK / React! Records)**
Intense, passionate, positive youth from Manchester, UK. For fans of Youth Of Today, Insted, The First Step, Mindset, etc. The New Wave of British (Straight Edge) Hardcore.

**31.12.2016 BERLIN**
Cassiopeia, Revaler Str. 99
Doors: 19.00 Curfew: 22.30
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/269884606738801/
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