Datum: 23.01.2016 (Sa.)

Location: Kastanienkeller / Berlin (Berlin)

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MANLIFTINGBANNER (Amsterdam/Amersfoort, Holland)
One of the most legendary European straight edge / hardcore band. Their name appeared in 1990, and comprised members of LÄRM, SEEIN' RED and PROFOUND. MLB came up in the times of the New World Order, the so-called triumph of global capitalism and the outbreak of neo-fascist violence in Europe. From the beginning, they linked radical politics to the straight edge and were among those who were defining the HC scene of the first half of the 90s in Europe.
Their recent releases are split 7" w/ Deadstoolpigeon on Refuse Records and "Red Fury" LP on Crucial Response Records.


CYMEON X (Poznań, Poland)
CYMEON X started in 1991 and they considered as one of the most important bands in history of the Polish HC scene and at the same time the pioneering and crucial straight edge band. For twenty five years since their foundation, the band has offered dynamic and fast hardcore with some hard edged vibe.
Their new releases are "Animal friendly" 12"/CD and split 7" w/ Regres (both on Refuse Records).

SCHWACH (Berlin)
Missing link between youth crew/positive hardcore and classic Deutschpunk bands from the 80s. The lyrics deal with political and personal stuff, like the racist immigration acts in Germany, police brutality or how you have to live your life in this achievement-oriented society.
Debut 7" was out on Refuse Records and Raccoone Records

23.01.2016 BERLIN
Kastanienkeller, Kastanienallee 85 HH
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