BLACK FRIDAY 29 - Rerelease auf Let It Burn Records

Mo., 01.03.2010 - 07:27 Uhr

Let It Burn Records wird das Album "The Escape" erneut veröffentlichen. Enthalten wird auch ein Bonustrack sein.

Hier die Pressemeldung vom Label:

"If I had to choose the top-5 European hardcore records of all time, "The Escape" would, without any doubt, be a part of it. This album is so full of spirit and passion, so full of positive energy and youthful ambitions, it's hard to believe it wasn't written during the golden era of hardcore, the 1980s, but in 2004. Since then it underlined and shaped the understanding of hardcore of thousands of kids around the globe, lyricwise and musically.

Everyone who has ever seen BLACK FRIDAY 29 play "Kill this Dream", "Pressure Release", "Open Letter" or ANY other song from "The Escape" live knows what I am talking about and most likely shares the same feeling for this album as I do. I've seen some of the most impressive singalong-scenes, highest pile-ons and most crazy stagedives to these songs. I've seen kids going crazy to this everywhere for 5 years straight now. With "The Escape" BLACK FRIDAY 29 have created something indestructible, something to outlast decades."

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