BOSSK - Neue Band auf Deathwish Inc.

Di., 27.08.2013 - 07:57 Uhr

Die UK Ambient / Metal Band BOSSK ist bei Deathwish Inc. unter Vertrag genommen worden. Im Herbst wird die Band mit den Arbeiten an einem neuen Album beginnen, zuvor wird das neue Label eine limitierte 7inch mit den beiden Songs "Pick Up Artist" und "Albatross" (Fleetwood Mac Coversong) veröffentlichen.

Deathwish Inc. kommentieren:

"The band released four promising recordings ("1", "2", the "3" DVD, and a split EP w/ Rinoa) on their own Eyes Of Sound label before taking temporary hiatus in 2008. After four years of dormancy, Bossk awoke from their slumber collectively inspired to create in 2012. The band soon performed at UK's Damnation Festival In the Fall of 2012, and entered the studio to record the "Pick Up Artist". A seven minute textural epic that is crushingly heavy and uniquely melodic. Crashing forward in two unique movements, "Pick Up Artist" has a hypnotic ebb and flow that carries Bossk past obvious influences (Isis, Neurosis, etc.) as they expand into new uncharted territory. The song was released to the public via free download in the Fall of 2012 to critical acclaim."
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