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Mi., 23.04.2014 - 07:43 Uhr nuclear blast entertainment

Das neue Album "The Beauty of Destruction" der US Metal Band DEVIL YOU KNOW könnt ihr jetzt in voller Länge bei uns streamen. Offiziell erscheint die Platte am 25. April 2014 auf Nuclear Blast Entertainment in Europa.

DEVIL YOU KNOW besteht aus Howard Jones (Ex-Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed), Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish, The Francesco Artusato Project), John Sankey (Devolved, Fear Factory, Divine Heresy), Ryan Wombacher (Bleeding Through) und Roy Lev-Ari.

"The Beauty of Destruction" Tracklist:
01. A New Beginning
02. My Own
03. Embracing The Torture
04. For The Dead And Broken
05. Seven Years Alone
06. It's Over
07. A Mind Insan
08. Crawl From The Dark
09. The Killer
10. I Am The Nothing
11. Shut It Down
12. As Bright As The Darkness
13. Sacrifice (bonus track - vinyl LP only)

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