DISTURBED - Neues Video zu Asylum online gestellt

Di., 17.08.2010 - 08:14 Uhr

... haben zum Song "Asylum" ein Video ins Netz gestellt. Regie bei dem Clip führte Roboshobo (a.k.a. Robert Schober), der bereits mit METALLICA, MASTODON und DEFTONES Videos gedreht hat.

Anlässlich des 10-jährigen Bandbestehens gibt es in diesem Jahr noch zwei Releases der Band. Zum einen eine Dokumentation namens "Decade of Disturbed" als CD/DVD sowie das neue Album "Asylum".

Hier noch ein paar Infos zu den Releases:

"... The 75-plus-minute film, directed by Rafa Alcantara of Twentyfourcore Productions, candidly captures the band's ten-year history, with extensive behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen footage. "It basically tells the story of the band, from its inception to present day," says DISTURBED frontman David Draiman.

"The band has had its share of ups and downs along the way and I think we tried to be as open and honest about all of it as we could. It's very insightful and we hope it's something the fans will appreciate."

The "Asylum" limited-edition CD/DVD pre-order comes with the full album, including two bonus tracks (live recordings of "Down With The Sickness" and "Stricken"), expanded artwork, a DVD with the "Decade Of Disturbed" documentary plus nine "Disturbed Dissected" exclusive instrument video instuctionals, and an exclusive double-sided poster with guitar tabs. It is available only through

The iTunes LP version of "Asylum" is also available to pre-order now. This version also includes a download featuring the "Decade of Disturbed" documentary, two bonus tracks (live recordings of "Down With The Sickness" and "Stricken"), an additional exclusive bonus track ("Leave It Alone"), and two "Disturbed Dissected" exclusive instrument video instructionals."

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