FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Video zu House Of The Rising Sun online

Mi., 26.03.2014 - 07:42 Uhr

Die Heavy Metal Band Five Finger Death Punch aus Las Vegas USA hat ein neues Video zum Song "House Of The Rising Sun" veröffentlicht. Ihr könnt Euch den Clip im Anschluss anschauen.

Gitarrist Zoltan Bathory kommentiert den Clip wie folgt:

"We jumped into this knowing that we'd shoot more footage than we could possibly fit in one music video. We went out there with two helicopters, two gyrocopters, twenty something crazy cars, a big cast and an arsenal of cameras. We ended up with so much amazing material, the hardest task was to compress it down into a 3 minutes video, so we made an extended version with a long intro and we are making an even longer ‘directors cut' as we speak.

The song's lyrics are about gambling and drinking and we wanted to recreate those gun-swinging outlaw poker scenes familiar from classic Western movies. However, I just couldn't see us riding horses in the video so we shifted eras and went for a ‘Mad Max'-like post-apocalyptic vibe with the cars and the bikes we ride anyway."

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