JOB FOR A COWBOY - Drummer verlässt die Band

Mi., 30.10.2013 - 06:47 Uhr

Job For A Cowboy Schlagzeuger Jon Rice hat einvernehmlich die Band verlassen, bei der er seit 2007 gespielt hat.

Reis kommentierte diesen Schritt wie folgt:

"As of this past August, I have decided to part ways with Job for a Cowboy. There are a few reasons for this, none of which I'm going to get into. That being said, I have no intentions of stopping touring or playing. I honestly love to tour and play live with new people, so I look forward to playing in new musical arenas in the future. The dudes and I are on very good terms with this and they understand the decision. They have a new record in the making and I'm extremely excited to hear it. Thanks again to everyone."
Die Band hat sich dazu bisher nicht geäußert.

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