MORE THAN A THOUSAND - Band kommt bei eOne Music unter Vertrag

Sa., 18.01.2014 - 06:40 Uhr

Die aus Portugal stammende Metalcore Band MORE THAN A THOUSAND ist bei eOne Music unter Vertrag gekommen und wird darüber am 18. Februar 2014 ihr aktuelles Album "Vol. 5 Lost At Home" in Nordamerika veröffentlichen.

Mehr zur Band gibt es auf im Netz.

Hier die Pressemeldung:

"Portugal's More Than A Thousand have aligned themselves with New York's eOne Music via their partnership with Good Fight Music. MTAT's newest "Vol. 5 Lost At Home" will be released February 18th, 2014 in North America.

The band will spend the spring on the road in Europe with Chelsea Grin, The Browning and Silent Screams.

Guitarist Filipe Oliveira from MTAT expresses, "We feel so grateful for signing with Good Fight Music/Eone! It's amazing to be a part of their family of bands and to finally bring our music to the US!, We've been working toward this for a long time!"

Carl Severson from Good Fight adds, "This is a band that is just incredibly passionate about their music and it jumps out of every second of this record. This is my favorite kind of find in music, a record you put on and are just taken aback by. It reminds me of how excited I was the first time I heard Every Time I Die or Killswitch Engage.""

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