OLD LINES - Neues Album No Child Left Behind im Oktober 2014

Di., 19.08.2014 - 08:26 Uhr

Die US Hardcore Band OLD LINES hat für den 14. Oktober 2014 ein neues Album via No Sleep Records angekündigt. Es trägt den Titel "No Child Left Behind". Mit "Traps" gibt es auch gleich ein Stück davon im Anschluss zu hören.

Hier die offizielle Meldung:

"It's only fitting that Old Lines live on the doorstep to the nation's capital. The band's vehement disdain for political and social corruption is the fuel that feeds the band's molotov cocktail of hardcore, crust punk, doom and powerviolence. And on their latest effort, No Child Left Behind, Old Lines leave no stone unturned, from politicians to the environment, as they rip and shred their way through eleven tracks of pure frustration and aggression.

"This record in general is about somewhat taking the focus away from corporations and the lawmakers that support them, and instead taking responsibility for our own part in letting them do it," says vocalist Matt Taylor. "As long as people remain silent and apathetic to what's happening around them, these issues will multiply, and the repercussions will become more severe for the earth and everything on it. In 2014, we don't have the luxury of ignorance anymore."

Apathetic behavior is a theme that runs throughout the new record, including on the band's new track "Traps." The song puts society on blast for turning a blind eye for so long to the destruction of our planet and the resulting changes in climate.

"Traps is a song about how we all are responsible for the state our environment is in, and (more specifically) our collective regret that these issues have reached such a catastrophic degree," Taylor adds. "We've ignored countless warnings from scientists all over the world for the sake of our own personal convenience. Only now, as the damage is becoming more visceral and the earth as we know it is in a tailspin, are people starting to admit that issues such as global climate change have real consequences and demand attention. However it's all just a little too late. We set the traps ourselves, and now we're crying that we're caught in them."

Fans can expect to see Old Lines on tour this fall.

No Child Left Behind track list:
01. To Ashes
02. Cold Teeth
03. Traps
04. Remote Controlled
05. The Hunt(ed)
06. Paint Them In Gold
07. All Locks Have Keys
08. Kneelers
09. The Quick Sales
10. War Is Declared"

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