PIG DESTROYER - Neuer Labeldeal mit Relapse Records

Sa., 10.11.2012 - 07:26 Uhr

Nach der Veröffentlichung ihres neuen und mittlerweilen fünften Studio Albums "Book Burner", haben die US Metal/Grinder von PIG DESTROYER einen neuen Labeldeal mit RELPASE RECORDS abgeschlossen - Band und Label bleiben sich also weiterhin treu.

Die Band kommentierte dies so:

"Super excited to be a part of the extraordinary Relapse Records again! A song comes to mind in the melody of the "Team America" jingle. "Relapse, FUCK YEAH! Once again, signing a muthafuckin contract!" - Adam Jarvis

"Relapse has been a great home for both ANb and Pig Destroyer since the very early days. We're not an easy band to deal with but Relapse has been patient, enthusiastic, and accommodating to our headache-inducing schedules, our strict adherence to not touring or behaving like a normal band, and just generally being pains-in-the-asses. We wouldn't trade that for anything." - Scott Hull

"I don't always sign contracts with record labels, but when I do, I choose Relapse." - JR Hayes
"Book Burner" wurde am 23. Oktober 2012 auf RELAPSE RECORDS veröffentlicht.

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