Do., 12.10.2006

... wollen Ende des Jahres noch eine EP veröffentlichen. Vorher gibt es die Band mit DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR noch in Europa auf Tour zu sehen.

"I hope to begin recording within the next few weeks. I have been talking to the legendary Zeuss (he´s recorded Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Madball, Terror, AF, etc.) about engineering and co-producing it with me. I really hope that works out but either way the EP should be out sometime around Christmas (maybe a little later). This new Ramallah will be very heavy, very brutal and very focused. The lyrics are so dark that I can´t even begin to describe them. On Kill A Celebrity, there was some melodic, almost pop-ish stuff. NOT on this EP, baby. Put your helmet on for the new Ramallah. It´s gonna crack your fucking skull."

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