TEAMKILLER - Neues Label mit LET IT BURN RECORDS gefunden

So., 25.10.2009 - 19:43 Uhr

... sind jetzt bei LET IT BURN RECORDS unter Vertrag gekommen.

Hier die komplette Meldung:

"The end of 2009 is drawing nearer and we're looking back on the most successful year in the label history. However we're not about to slow down in any way and can announce another amazing addition to our roster: TEAMKILLER from Stuttgart, Germany, have signed to LET IT BURN RECORDS and will release their highly anticipated new full length album in 2010.

TEAMKILLER about the cooperation: "We're glad to work with a constantly growing label of reliable and hard-working reputation. Also the fact that we have personal ties and work experience with them for a long time made the choice an easy one."

We're in the honorable position to work with the premier league of German hardcore bands and our latest signing TEAMKILLER fits very well in this context. We've been following this band since day one and we're looking forward to cooperate with such a self-confident and audacious band.

To shorten the wait until LET IT BURN RECORDS is going to release the new album, TEAMKILLER decided to release an additional MCD/10" on COBRA RECORDS before long. Check out their exciting new track "Nightcrawler" (myspace player / website music player) to get an idea what direction the band is heading for.

Find out more about TEAMKILLER and check the song "nightcrawler" of their upcoming EP: "

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