THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER - Band gibt Auflösung bekannt

So., 20.10.2013 - 09:59 Uhr

Die deutsche Hardcore Band THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER hat ihre Auflösung verkündet. Im April diesen Jahres erschien das letzte Album "Weather The World".

Hier die offizielle Meldung der Band:

"2008 - 2013. This is our Goodbye.

Making decisions has never been easy and this one has in one way been the hardest but also the most clear decision we've ever made as a band.

While writing songs for a possible upcoming record, we were all at one with the feeling that these tracks were not The Haverbrook Disaster songs anymore. Some serious discussions later we got to the conclusion that it's time to lay this band to rest.

We started The Haverbrook Disaster as teenagers. Back then we felt like we were in possession of the wisdom of the world, not knowing that within the upcoming five years we would learn and experience more we'd have ever dreamed of. Because yes, this isn't just an empty phrase you read in every farewell note, this is the truth: Without being in this band we wouldn't be the persons we are today. We've grown as individuals and also as friends and this whole thing opened up our horizons so much. We've come to places we'd have never seen without touring and got to know a lot of amazing persons and became true friends for a lifetime with some of them. Back then we also never thought of ever getting the chance to tour with some of our favourite bands, release music on an amazing label or play shows all over this continent.

After almost six years, what stays and will never be gone is the conscious mindset, the values and our strong friendship we gained out of this time and every single one of us, past and present members, will forever be grateful for all of this. The five of us will keep playing music together, so chances are very good that we will hang out with y'all again real soon.

However, we hope to meet you one last time as The Haverbrook Disaster. We are going to play some farewell shows with a setlist ranging from our first EP 'Hold Your Breath' to our latest album 'Weather The World'.

Thank you all for these past years. - Andy, Philipp, Christian, Andreas, Yannick"

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