Mo., 08.06.2009 - 06:56 Uhr

Die Hardcore Band aus dem Ruhrgebiet hat auf LET IT BURN RECORDS eine neue Labelheimat gefunden.

Hier die offizielle Meldung: "The music biz has become more and more erratic and tough. Most bands cannot maintain their position and bog into the magma of irrelevance. Not Zero Mentality. Indestructible like a diamond they pull through their own thing and belong to the few bands in the European heavy music scene that neither bend nor break. Zero Mentality have now amalgamated with Let it Burn Records into oneness in order to bring their new album 'Black Rock' to life. With eagerness and anticipation we're looking forward to this cooperation. October 9, 2009 "Black Rock" will break through the sial and cause devastation and chaos!

Zero Mentality on the signing with Let it Burn and their future plans: "After protracted and intense negotiations with labels like Warner, Sony and Ariola we finally decided to make it happen with the Independent Label Let It Burn from Munich. Chris made us an offer we just could not refuse. On September 11th 2009, Black Rock will hit the heart of the planet of the apes with a release-show in the Ruhrpott-area. It will tear down the pillars of bad taste. The obligatory Black Rock Tour in september/october/november will bring unexpected terror and therefore be a historical caesura in the music of the apes."

"Black Rock" has been recorded with friend and producer Jacob Bredhal and is Zero Mentality's very own, unconventional, anti-trend interpretation of metal, rock and hardcore-punk. "Black Rock" is going to open your eyes and fulfill your life.

Find out more about "Black Rock" and check out the album's title track at:

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