ENTRAILS - Gastsänger auf neuem Album Raging Death angekündigt

Mi., 20.03.2013 - 07:35 Uhr

Die schwedischen Death Metaller von ENTRAILS haben die Gastsänger, die auf ihrem neuen Album Raging Death zu hören sind, bekannt gegeben!

Keine Geringeren als Kam Lee (BONE GNAWER, ex-MASSACRE), Jörgen Sandström (THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, ex-GRAVE, ex-ENTOMBED), Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER a.o.) und Dan Swanö (ex-EDGE OF SANITY) haben dem Stück Death League ihre Namen und Stimmen geliehen!

Lassen wir die Jungs selbst zu Wort kommen:

Kam Lee:

"ENTRAILS is one of the best Death Metal bands around today hands down - and their track DEATH LEAGUE is just pure aggressive cut throat - true death metal in its most rawest and traditional form… the way death metal is meant to be played! When I was asked by the maniacs of ENTRAILS to lend my death growl vomit to the mix I was honored. But the fact that I'm sharing growls alongside other such legendary Swedish death metal vocalist - makes the brutality of the track even more so shredding!! Like a cannibal mutant feeding frenzy of blood soaked gore… this track will make you bleed from the inside out!"
Dan Swanö:
"I love working with Entrails. Their catchy brand of Death Metal is right up my alley. And when I heard that Kam Lee, Jörgen Sandström and some other major dudes we're gonna join forces in a track, I happily accepted the invitation without to blink. A kick ass experience indeed! Make sure you hear it!!"
Rogga Johansson:
"When asked to do some growling on a track by Entrails all I could think was "Fuck yes!" I've been a fan of the band for a long, long time, as I had old recordings on a tape I got from a friend. And when I learned that I'd be in such awesome company as the legends guesting, I was even more happy about it! And the song fucken' crushes!"
Jörgen Sandström:
"I did not hesitate a second when Adde asked me to do some vocals for the new Entrails album but I had no idea that I was supposed to be in a song with these Sickos!!! If I knew I would had said yes in Planck time!! Death League FTW!"
Surft auf und checkt das superbe Artwork von Raging Death sowie die erste Single In Pieces an! Vorbestellen könnt ihr die Scheibe auch. Außerdem gibt es ein T-Shirt!

Die Band sagt: "This is the perfect next step for ENTRAILS. A massive stench of death, right in your face! 'Raging Death' as a title suited the album as a whole, since it's pure death metal without mercy!"

Raging Death erscheint in Europa am 10./13. Mai bei Metal Blade Records als limitierte Digi-CD inkl. Bonus-CD und als jewelcase-CD. Nur die Vinylversion und das limitierte Digipack werden das MARDUK-Cover Dark Endless als Bonustrack enthalten! Mehr Infos zum Inhalt der Bonus-CD folgen in Kürze!

Raging Death wurde in verschiedenen Studios aufgenommen. Die Drums entstanden in den Racetrack Studios, während die Basisaufnahmen in Jimmys eigenen The Crypt Recording Studios eingespielt wurden. Mix und Mastering erledigte Dan Swanö im Unisound.

"Raging Death" Tracklist:
01. In Pieces
02. Carved To The Bone
03. Blood Hammer
04. Headless Dawn
05. Cadaverous Stench
06. Descend To The Beyond
07. Death League
08. Chained And Dragged
09. Defleshed
10. Cemetery Horrors
11. Dark Endless (MARDUK-Cover) / bonustrack*

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