LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Videoteaser zu Hades Resurrected online

Mo., 20.02.2012 - 23:00 Uhr

Die deutschen Death Metaller von LAY DOWN ROTTEN hauen ihr kommendes Album Mask Of Malice am 24. Februar (G/A/S), am 27. Februar (Resteuropa und UK) und am 28. Februar (Nordamerika) raus!

Momentan befinden sich LAY DOWN ROTTEN in der Postproduktionsphase für den ersten Videoclip ihrer Karriere. Die Premiere des Videoclips erfolgt Anfang März.

Die Band über das neue Album:

"After three years we are back at the front with our new album MASK OF MALICE that features 10 death metal grenades! We are honored to present our new guitarist and songwriter Kensington who is responsible for most of the killer riffs on this album. MASK OF MALICE is our darkest record to date concerning both the music and the lyrics. Our main interest was to reflect the nature of human malice in our recent music which express in straight forward up-tempo smashers and pounding mid tempo songs. We are grateful for everyone who was involved in this recording of this album!"

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