OLD WOUNDS - Band unterschreibt bei Good Fight Music; neue EP im September 2014

Mi., 25.06.2014 - 07:32 Uhr lukas hodge

Die aus Philadelphia USA stammende Hardcore Formation OLD WOUNDS ist bei Good Fight Music unter Vertrag genommen worden und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2014 als erstes Release die "Death Projection" EP.

Hier die offizielle Pressemeldung:

"Born in the New Jersey hardcore scene of the late '00s, Old Wounds picked up momentum with the 2013 release of its debut LP, From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest. Of that album, Pitchfork reported: "The trio emerges irate here, lashing ahead at a furious hardcore clip alongside screams about tears and disappointment... [Old Wounds] pairs the maudlin pages of high school diaries with a grown-ass band's precision and power."

In the months to come, Old Wounds proved itself a relentless DIY machine, setting out on back-to-back US tours with peers like The Banner, Full of Hell and Vices, and teaming up for various split releases. With drummer Brandon Gallagher creating all the band's artwork (and also contributing design work to labels like Three One G and Bridge 9), Old Wounds' identity came into sharp focus: a self-sufficient, road-hungry crew of young bucks, cloaked in bold graphics, reviving the spirit of turn-of the-millennium metallic hardcore for the next generation.

The partnership of Good Fight and Old Wounds is perhaps a perfect match - both entities rooted in New Jersey hardcore, both driven by a tenacious DIY ethic. With new EP Death Projection out September 16th on Good Fight Music, the tireless Old Wounds - now comprised of vocalist Kevin Iavaroni, guitarist Zak Kessler, bassist Mike Weintraub, and drummer Brandon Gallagher - starts work on its next full-length album. Stand by for all the details about Death Projection."

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