STRUCTURES - Neues Album Life Through A Window im Mai 2014

Mo., 07.04.2014 - 07:02 Uhr sumerian records

Am 13. Mai 2014 wird die kanadische Hardcore / Metal Band STRUCTURES ihr nächstes Album veröffentlichen. Es trägt den Titel "Life Through A Window" und wird auf Sumerian Records erscheinen.

Die Band kommentiert:

"We changed things up this time around by incorporating programs like Logic and Protools to get our ideas together. For our previous releases we stuck to sitting in a room and jamming songs out, but this time around we felt like we also needed to log our ideas so we could change them on the go, as well as write on the road. This record combines all of our influences, as well as a sound we tried to achieve that we've never heard before. I think every musician can agree that when writing a new record, they try to achieve that sound that they themselves would like to hear.

Going into the writing process, we knew what worked and what didn't after touring off of Divided By for so long. We definitely aimed to focus on our strengths on this release. We saw the success that came with Divided By, and we just knew in our hearts that we could do so much better and agreed that we would force ourselves to do so on this new record. We had the mindset that we would put everything we have into it otherwise it would be a waste of our time and we might as well break up. Unfortunately, that mindset came with the decision to make changes within our lineup. We parted ways with Nick, our original vocalist a few weeks before going to record. There were many reasons behind this and we are all still good friends, but we just needed to make a change if we wanted to see the band progress the way we've dreamed of.

That being said, we felt like replacing Nick's duties on vocals would but unfair and a shot in the dark if we looked outwards, so we collectively made the decision to move Brendon, our guitarist, to vocals. This was a huge challenge for everyone seeing as though only 30% of the lyrics and patterns had been written and we had to enter the studio in 2 weeks. We literally worked day and night at Brendon's house honing in on the new vocal style. In retrospect, without working as hard as we did, the record wouldn't be what it turned out to be. We're all very proud of Brendon for stepping up on such short notice and killing it in the studio where he had to track vocals, track guitar, write guitar parts and write lyrics. This album is very special to the 3 of us and really brought us together as friends.

This record is brutally honest in every aspect. It's definitely a look inside our personal lives and we think people will appreciate how sincere both the music and the lyrics are. This whole line-up change made us grow in many ways and we feel like this is absolutely our most mature release to date. Usually we'll listen back to a record months after finishing it, wishing we had done things differently, but this time we have no regrets and wouldn't change a thing. We're very proud of this album and we're confident that our fans will enjoy it, as well as people who have never heard us before."

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