WALLS OF JERICHO - Band arbeitet an einem neuen Album

Di., 28.08.2012 - 07:23 Uhr

Wie Sänger Candace Kucsulain der US Hardcore/Metal Band WALLS OF JERICHO in einem Interview auf mitteilte, arbeitet die Band an Material für ein neues Album.

Wir fassen mal kurz die wichtigen Aussagen von Candace Kucsulain zusammen:

"We have been writing some stuff... There are plans for new music we're just not sure when it will get done. Our guitarist Chris [Rawson] is in another band [Stick To Your Guns] so that makes things go a little slower in the process. Also we all live in different places I'm in Boston and there in Ohio so we just get stuff done over the Internet so it's going to take some time."
Warum es musikalisch solange still um WALLS OF JERICHO war - das letzte Album "The American Dream" (Review hier) erschien 2008 - erklärt Kucsulain wie folgt:
"We didn't get the word out about me being pregnant and having a baby. But we never did break up or go on a hiatus or break I just couldn't do anything due to my pregnancy. Our first tour back from me having my daughter was the Persistence Tour back in January, I didn't want to do any other tours due to her not being old enough for me to leave so we waited a while until she was old enough."

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